Light modifiers for flash

Rogue FlashBender Positionable Reflectors review

You don’t have to use a flash on your camera for long to realize the results can be anything but natural with overexposed noses on your subjects and dark “halos” around their heads. The Lumiquest system is like carrying your own low ceiling with you so you can bounce anywhere, even outdoors. It’s not a perfect solution, you may still get some shadows behind your subject if you are near a wall, but the shadows will be more diffuse and a good deal more natural looking. Years ago I used to shoot weddings with a small umbrella attached to my flash. The light was fabulous but the rig was heavy and I got a lot of ribbing about the lack of rain indoors. I personally have not used the Gary Fong system but have watched the videos and they seem to have a lot to recommend them. I would also suggest you use experiment with some household items. I have seen homemade rigs made from bubble wrap, old milk bottles and paper plates that produced some fabulous results. You may find that even if you get a commercial system a bit of tweaking will make it even better; kind of like having the umbrella without all the jokes.

Gary Fong
Print your own free bounce card
Home made Demb diffusor
David Honl system


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