Which eye do you place against the viewfinder?

I’m one of those rare birds that is right handed but left eyed. Most of the time this is a pain in the neck as cameras are designed for right eyed people, but I tell myself there are compensating benefits. Current Rigth brain/Left brain theory tells us that A) your left eye is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, and B) that the right side of the brain is the more visual and artistic. (The left side is the center for language and tends to be far more literal.) Does that really make me a better photographer? I doubt it, but it keeps me from whining about right handed cameras.

My first indication that I was “different” was when my grandfather took me to teach me to shoot. We went into the woods with his trusty 22 and he set up a target for me. I was excited at first, but soon realized I had a problem, I couldn’t line up the sights with my left eye while holding the gun on my right shoulder. My grandfather finally gave up in exasperation. Sorry, granddad, I shoot cameras now and shooting with my left eye and right hand is no problem.


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Those of you who know me and my wife Karen, will know that she was recently granted a Fulbright Scholarship to teach nursing in Kampot, Cambodia later this year. We are looking forward to serving the Lord there in whatever capacity He has in store for us. View all posts by Lee Reed

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