Fiddlehead emerging from a broadleafed fern at Leu Botanical Gardens.

I have written other blogs for other purposes and have helped other people write blogs for their various purposes, but I think it is time for me to create one for one of my true passions: Photography. I fell in love with photography in college partly for its technical nature and partly because it led me on a new adventure into art that I would normally have never taken. Thirty years later I am still in love and pursue it with a passion.

In my younger years I worked my way through school, at least in part, as a carpenter. Carpentry in interesting in that most of the basics can be learned rather quickly but mastering the craft takes many years as you learn and develop the little tricks of the trade that separate the average from the skilled practitioners. In that sense carpentry is a great deal like photography. Modern cameras, and even cell phones, have made photography available to everyone, but the great photographers have a whole host of tricks and techniques they employ to raise their work above the confusion of images we see daily.

That is not to say that photography is purely technique. Great images also employ design, which is most certainly not a list of tools and tricks. Design is about seeing things in a particular way; about arranging the elements of an image to produce a feeling to touch viewers in a particular way. This part of photograph is much harder to master, but a good guide can help you on your way. And therein lies the purpose of this blog- to help people learn and grow in their skills and to begin the process of removing the blinders to help them see photographically. That’s a mighty noble goal, but bear with me, I’m just getting started.


About Lee Reed

Those of you who know me and my wife Karen, will know that she was recently granted a Fulbright Scholarship to teach nursing in Kampot, Cambodia later this year. We are looking forward to serving the Lord there in whatever capacity He has in store for us. View all posts by Lee Reed

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